凱劉 Kai Liu (Kid Kai)
Taipei, Taiwan
Photographer, Director


主要攝影系列「happy together」基於對生命的反思,表述人類對於所有事物都會漸漸遺忘的,那些曾經的美好透明時光。作品刻意投以情色愛慾呈現日常生活的真實面貌,反諷荒誕的人生、無稽的愛,而現實正因為只能不斷地前行而確切地感到人生的甜蜜苦澀。

My work presented the form of the new documentary photography, specialized in the creation of the emotional performance.

Principal photography series "Happy together" based on the reflection of life, expressed the human will forget all the things and the beautiful transparent time that we have had gradually. The work presented the erotic passion and desire those showed the true face in our daily life, made a dig at the ridiculous life and love. The reality keeps going forward and changing that makes us feel all the sweetness and bitterness of life exactly.